Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed – Age: 31 Working West London Project

Mohamed is from Sudan and moved to London 3 years ago. He had achieved have high-school studies in his home country and most of his work experience is in Sudan, although he has worked in London for a short time. We asked Mohamed to describe his experience of AWL and how the Working West London Project has helped him.

The Story

I joined the Working West London Refugee Project at the end of April 2018 and I joined their ESOL class in May. In the beginning, I only wanted to improve my language skills, but my AWL advisor has been extremely helpful in offering me additional support. They supported me to write a CV, and showed me that there are many opportunities out there. They really helped me to gain confidence in my skills. I found a job within 4 months and in September I also started College ESOL classes.

Comments from Ana, Mohamed’s Advisor:

“Mohamed showed amazing motivation and hard work ever since I met him. He has continuously tried to improve his skills, discover more opportunities and find a good job. We managed to support him to improve his language skills, confidence and employability.”