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AWL provides direct support and opportunities for individuals who badly need help. Our work has a very positive social impact in the community of West London. Last year we won West London Business award for best company investing in West London’s community. With the massive increase in youth and adult employment due to Covid-19 our services will be needed more than ever.

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How our Small Charity has a BIG Impact

Founded in 1998, Action West London (AWL) has helped 1000’s of disadvantaged  young people and adults in West London change their lives for the better. As well as delivering projects to help individuals into Employment, Education, Training and self-employment, AWL also run two markets in Acton Town – Acton Market and Market W3. 

Delivering over fifteen programmes annually (subject to funding), AWL helps those most in need. Action West London helps a variety of West London residents, including, but not limited to, unemployed and economically inactive young people (not in education, employment, or training), ex -offenders, lone parents, refugees, young people with learning difficulties, older people over 50 years, and people from black and ethnic minority communities.

Each year AWL helps:

  • 1000 unemployed young people and adults
  • 400 into employment or self-employment
  • 300 into training and learning opportunities such as English support (ESOL), basic digital skills, employability training, and ‘soft skills’ such as confidence building and motivation

AWL also run Acton Market and Market W3 which provides 30 self- employment opportunities each day. Acton Market runs from Tuesday to Friday, with Market W3 operating on Saturdays. We are pleased to announce that both markets have reopened following lockdown, with a renewed focus on promoting community cohesion and encouraging local entrepreneurship.

We are proud of the work that AWL does every day. Below are some of our success stories:


Unemployed for 15 years, faces numerous difficulties on a day to day basis and lacked the confidence skills required for today’s job market. AWL‘s support helped her get employment as a care co-ordinator.


Was out of work for two years, suffering from depression and with limited educational support. He said, about AWL: “It’s good; you give people the opportunity to move on to better things. I’m happy I signed up for the programme; I never thought I could be this person I am today. You’ve given me a more positive attitude on life. I now have experience and a better future ahead of me.” 

Read Our Stories

These are just a couple of our success stories, and we will continue to build on these results to support even more people across West London.

In 2019, the number of lives that we helped change was a whopping 674 and throughout the pandemic we continued to support more and more people through such unprecedented times. Read some of our latest case studies to see how we helped young people and adults change their lives for the better.

Action West London has been making an impact on our local community for the last 20 years and we are proud to currently offer over 15 different projects ranging from education services to employment opportunities for youths with learning difficulties and disabilities.