A Covid-19 Success Story

Emmanuel- 23

“Working with Jonathan Campbell has been a delightful process. He was able to facilitate a job within private equity firm. I believe Jon really takes his time to understand your current skillset, as well as how he may be of assistance. Our initial conversation was about the financial services industry necessarily being accessible for individuals that come from a background like mine.”

The Story

“I believe that companies with traditional hiring structures will benefit from working with the Moving On Up project as vast amounts of competent and impressive candidates are missed along the way due to this industry favouring a certain social class, which doesn’t suit individuals from minority backgrounds.

I urge any individual that is on the fence with working with Jonathan, to take the first step as I personally assure you are in great hands”

AWL employee quote:

“Emmanuel has been a pleasure to work with throughout this entire recruitment process. From his openness on his areas of improvement, to seeing him putting in the hard work to close those gaps on a weekly basis. His ability to take on feedback and motivation to succeed would be an asset to any employyer. I am over the moon that I was able to place him with Mutares as a Mergers and Acquisitions Intern.”