Action West London have now published our April – September 2023 Social Impact Report



The Social Impact Report provides an overview of the positive effects and outcomes achieved through Action West London’s activities, projects, and initiatives. It assesses Action West London’s contributions to addressing social issues, improving communities, and creating a sustainable and equitable future. This report aims to provide stakeholders, including investors, employees, partners, and the wider public, with a comprehensive understanding of Action West London’s social impact and its commitment to making a difference.

Key Findings and Impact:

The Social Impact Report presents key findings regarding Action West London’s social impact achievements, challenges faced, and lessons learned. It provides insights into the tangible and intangible outcomes of the AWL initiatives and highlights specific success stories and transformative changes brought about by its intervention.



The Social Impact Report concludes by reaffirming Action West London’s commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. It emphasizes the importance of continued efforts to drive positive change and create a lasting social impact. The report serves as a testament to Action West London’s dedication to making a meaningful difference in the world and provides a roadmap for future endeavours.   We hope that this  data can be used by Action West London and other organizations to develop targeted programs and initiatives to address the needs of different demographic groups  in different areas of London.

View the full report here:


Social Impact Board-April Jul-Sep 23