There have been no changes in the clients level of satisfaction with our services and their feedback continues to be very positive (98% rate their experience at AWL as good or very good and 100% found their advisor supportive and helpful).


Clients continue to report feeling welcomed at AWL (100%) and there’s a good level of satisfaction with the support they’ve received including agreeing the action plan which they have found informative, practical and helpful (99%).


99% felt that the advisor was able to help them with their problem. The percentage of clients happy to recommend us has gone up by 1 percentile point and is now at 98%.


There is a good range of additional information that we give to our clients with advice on courses taking the top spot (79), followed by employment, training opportunities (70) and advice on future plans in close third (67).



Here’s a selection of some of the positive comments from clients:


  • They are helpful and friendly. I was happy with them.
  • My teacher taught me the basics. I had zero level.
  • You helped me improve my English and I thank you for that.