The AWL Refugee Team are continuing a workshop series in partnership with ELATT (part of the Refugee Week follow-up events from our Working West London (WWL) project)


The next WWL event in association with ELATT is ‘Universal Credit and Food Support Services’ with Maryam on Thursday 2nd July 11:00 – 12:00

Register HERE for this event to learn how to access current benefits, and receive important information on food banks and other support available for unemployed people.

Here’s how our support programmes have helped others like you.

‘R’ came to the UK a few years ago as a single mother with two of her children and was granted Refugee Status faster than other people, given her childcare responsibilities. But she did not know anyone in London, nor she spoke English well. She had to flee her country due to the war, and was forced to live in France for a few years, but then her husband broke up with her and took their son. She came to the UK with the hope of a better life for two youngest daughters. The support we offered her made us realise how lucky we are and how much sufferance there is in the world. We helped her apply for a NINO, then for benefits such as Universal Credit and Children benefits, we helped her housing support so she could move in a suitable home. Every time she met with us, she was crying, first with anger and sadness, and now with tears of gratitude and hope. She is settled now, her children are going to nursery, and she is looking for a part-time job. We offered her guidance on how to better manage her finances, but also on her rights and duties. She wants to give back to the society which embraced her and welcomed her.  ,,Action West London was great help. I came to this country needing so much help. AWL was the only place which helped me with all the things I needed: benefit and housing support, education, moral support.

“H” is a young mother of two, well educated, who speaks good English and Arabic, but needed help to start her life in London as a newly-arrived refugee. The journey was not easy, but she is now on the track of securing her first job in the UK, studying English at the College and providing for her family.

AWL supports me and my family a lot. They helped me get my NINO, my children are going to school now thanks to them. I have the chance to study English and focus on my education and career with their help. I now feel really welcomed and happy.


E and A., a Sudanese couple, arrived in the UK after the financial crisis which affected them greatly. A., a doctor by profession, with a passion for Law, holding two degrees from one of the most prestigious Universities in Sudan, and E., an engineer, wanted to make a difference in the world. They started with us as students in our English classes, then we supported them with benefit issues and housing, and later on, when A. became pregnant with their first child, to apply for a Maternity Grant. We invited them at our events, we asked them to speak to an audience and share their story, they made friends, they are not alone anymore.

“A” is an older man who does not speak English at all, but he has a brilliant mind and a gift of tailoring. He was one of the greatest curtain makers and tailors of the Middle East, but he had to flee Syria after his two factories were bombed and he lost his business. He came to the UK now knowing anyone who could help him, and we are now assisting him. He often feels lonely and isolated, but our advisers who speak Arabic give him advice, guidance and make sure he is always supported!

“AWL are helping me get my life back on track. Their advisers are guiding me on how to start the tailoring business I lost, and to integrate better into my new life in London. They wrote my CV, I am now studying English, and I hope to work in tailoring again.‘’


Working West London Project is funded by the Community Fund and the European Social Fund and supports unemployed refugees across the seven West London Boroughs.