Working West London – Project Ended

A new project to help refugees gain employment and build their careers based on their existing skills. The project aims to make a substantial difference to participants’ lives, by helping them obtain employment, gain a sense of confidence and feel recognition for their contribution to the work market.

The project is funded by the Big Lottery Fund started in April 2017 and runs until December 2022.

It is based in 7 West London boroughs: Brent, Barnet, Hounslow, Harrow, Hammersmith and Fulham, Ealing, Hillingdon.

Working West London is all about supporting refugees groups into meaningful and sustainable employment, following a whole-person approach to personal and skills development; recognising existing skills and experience so that people can return to work in jobs and professions that they had previously trained in, thus supporting job sustainability.

The aim of the Working West London project

To provide targeted support to address those complex barriers faced by working-age unemployed and economically inactive refugees (and certain other groups) in seeking and obtaining employment.


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Outcomes of the project

Participants feel supported to manage their barriers to work

Participants feel empowered to sustain their employment, developing the confidence to independently apply for jobs when faced with progression opportunities

Employers better understand refugee employment immigration rules, see the value in workforce diversity and are more empathetic towards refugees and open to giving them employment

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Success story

The participant aged 33 is a refugee from Afghanistan and joined Action West London’s BBO Big Lottery/ESF project to get support with her language skills. Starting as an Entry 3 to Level 1 student, she managed to improve her English and is now preparing for the Level 1 ESOL Exam. 5 months after joining the project, this is what she says about it.

It has been just little time in London. I met Ana in August 2017 at Action West London. I was new in the city, not aware of anything. I was just lost when Ana guided me. She helped me with my English lessons and brought me to a high level. She had solutions to all of my problems. She gave me enough time to study, discussing different skills of writing and offered me enough materials so I could practice. It’s because of Ana’s continuous hard work that I am aiming to be a teacher. She is my inspiration and I will always thank her for supporting and guiding me. Thanks, Ana, thanks, AWL!’ D – Student

Student ‘D. is a fantastic person, and one of my best students. She is a hard-working and smart person, proactive and determined to succeed! She is studying to become a teacher, and in the meantime volunteering at both a charity and a school.
Ana- Project worker / teacher

PROJECT Funded by the Lottery and European Social Fund as part of the Building Better Opportunities Programme. The consortium is led by ELATT.