Testimonials: comments from young offenders helped by Action West London.

Below our some of our success stories working with young offenders over the last few years:

Aaron, 21

It’s about someone taking a chance on me. No one has ever done that for me before -so I’ve embraced it.

Eric 19

They motivated me by giving me opportunities to do things that I wanted to do. I thought no one would give me a job with a criminal record but they showed me there are options. I was shy but I’ve become much more talkative. it’s good energy here. And they got me much more motivated by taking me to see employers. Now I have a full- time job

Paige, 19 – Care leaver

I used to cry every day – now I’m smiling, glowing and always positive. The YTN project provides a place where we feel we have a voice… where we feel valued

Abubakar – Family Works programme

I have been unemployed for a very long time, facing numerous difficulties and lacking the skills required for today’s job market. AWL helped me with my CV and building my confidence I am now happy since joining AWL due to the support I received and will be starting a work trial. I now believe I will have a brighter future

Lionel, 18 – several years unemployed with educational barriers:

It’s good; you give people the opportunity to move on to better things. I’m happy I signed up for the programme; I never thought I could be this person I am today. You’ve given me a more positive attitude on life. I now have experience and a better future ahead of me.


I was previously living in a hostel and had family issues and was not in a good place when came to AWL.  I felt I had no direction. Since being here I have managed to secure a contract from Marks & Spencer. I am now happy since I’ve made a huge change. Big thanks to AWL’’