Julie, Himalayan Lamps – Acton Market

I have run my stall in Acton Market for a little while now and what I love about working in the market most is that the products that I have on offer have health benefits and it’s great to see people returning for more. People often say that they have really helped. My Himalayan SALT lights are a huge success, people love the glow and they make a fantastic Christmas gift, or birthday gift.

What I like about the market is that you get so many different nationalities and cultures, so it’s multicultural. It’s great seeing the vast array of people that come through the market daily. You’ve got the office workers and the locals and we can have great banter. All the traders have a laugh. Sometimes we play music, have a laugh and even a boogie!. It’s great when we all pull together, we tend to look out for one another. We look after each other’s stalls when we have to go off and do something or move our cars and so on. But on the whole, you got friendly traders. I am a people person and I do enjoy having a chat with the local residents and people that want to hear about the products. It’s Great!

Overall traders love Acton Markets value for money, the fact that we can hire the marquees and the tables and have everything set up at an affordable rate is great. A lot of markets don’t tend to do that, it takes so much stress off you, knowing that you don’t have to carry lots of heavy equipment around with you as you have a stable environment with a table, you can just bring in a chair and away you go. All I know is that I quite like the intimacy of this market because it’s not a great big market, it’s a small cool community market.