Elgzoli Malik – Working West London

My wife and I are both from Sudan. I am an Engineer and she has a degree in pharmacy and in medicine, having worked as a pharmacist for many years. We don’t have any children yet, but we would like to become parents.

The Story

I joined AWL’s Working West London project in May 2018. My wife enrolled shortly after, and we were very pleased with the support we received. The AWL team helped us to write CVs, and we attended the ESOL class to improve our grammar and speaking. Now, we feel more confident. We have been very encouraged that we can do anything we want, and we are happy that Ana and Marcin believed in us so much.

We are now studying at the Hammersmith College. I am currently looking for work. My wife has had the final examination for her Law Degree from Sudan, and wishes to volunteer in a hospital.

Advisor (Ana):

“Mr Malik and his wife, Mrs Areeg were introduced to the WWL project in 2018, and they started attending our ESOL classes in order to improve their language skills. We supported them to apply for College and to write a CV so that they could look for work. We also helped them with their housing and benefits enquiries.”