Client Journey – Musa

Musa*  came to Action West London as a referral from Acton Job Centre Plus. At the time, he had been unemployed for 10 years and claimed Universal credit. Originally from Syria, he fled his country due to civil war. He was referred to us in September 2023 in order to help him to register for college, to get help to write a CV, prepare for a job interview and prepare for future part-time employment.


We helped him to compose his CV, register for ESOL classes with Northwest London in order for him to  be able to work and study part-time as he wanted to improve his language skills in order to be able to communicate properly with people and find a job in the construction sector.


This is what Musa says;



“I came to Action West London as a referral from Job Centre Plus as I have been unemployed for 10 years since 2013. I actively looked for work during that period, applying for different jobs every day, but unfortunately, I was unable to find work due to the language barrier. After months of being unsuccessful, the Job Centre referred me to Action West London. At first, I didn’t think AWL would be able to help me much, I must admit I was wrong! My adviser Maria was very helpful in different ways. She helped me increase my self-confidence and motivation by showing me how to do an effective job search, improving my skills, practicing mock interview, completing job application form, creating my CV from scratch, and apply for work.  The next day I had a call from the agency inviting me to attend the interview for a Construction Laborer (Painting) role where I undertake a part-time work, I secure a trial and started to work the next day. I would like to thank Maria for all their hard work, help and support”

*Name Changed