In today’s world, companies are increasingly looking beyond the bottom line and embracing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR initiatives demonstrate a business’s commitment to social and environmental well-being, fostering positive change within the communities they operate in.

In Mid-June, McLaren construction plc partnered with Action West London (AWL) to help make difference to one of Acton churches.  Employees from McLaren joined forces with AWL and local volunteer groups to tackle the overgrown grounds of St. Mary’s Church in Acton, West London.

The project, a shining example of corporate volunteering in action, brought together a diverse group for a day of physical activity and community service. Through strimming, removing rubbish and garden waste, the volunteers significantly improved the aesthetics and usability of the church grounds.

Over the course of the clean up 35 bags of Garden Waste was collected for recycling  and 10 bags of rubbish, 4 of which where filled with plastic single use bottles which will be send to recycling.

AWL CEO, Gary Buckley, says:

“This project is a fantastic example of how businesses can make a real difference in their local communities. The hard work of the McLaren volunteers, alongside our existing volunteers and the church community, has transformed the grounds of St. Mary’s, creating a welcoming space for everyone.”





A McLaren community liaison officer Sosawan Lithirith added:

St Mary’s Churchyard is an incredible opportunity to improve the community. We hope that we can transform the underutilised green space into a lively public space that everyone may enjoy by collaborating with AWL. This partnership will not only make the area improved in appearance, but it will also give the locals a sense of pride and ownership.   The combination of AWL’s dedication to community involvement and McLaren’s experience and resources will guarantee that this project has a beneficial impact on the neighbourhood. We look forward to working together to create an inviting environment that encourages social interaction and raises the standard of living for everyone who visits or lives nearby”



Rector of St Mary’s church, The Revd. Preb. Joseph Fernandes was thrilled with the activity says; “St Mary’s Acton, located in the Mount, the vibrant heart of Acton, recently underwent a transformative clean-up of its churchyard. This effort was made possible through the diligent oversight of McLaren Construction, in collaboration with Action West London, St Mary’s Acton, and Lager can. This initiative serves as a prime example of community organizing, showcasing how collaborative efforts can build social capital and strengthen communal bonds. In an era where communities often face fragmentation and polarization, bringing people together around a common goal is vital. This project not only unites residents but also offers a counter-narrative to the trend of institutional neglect. It marks the beginning of a new season of active collaboration between various stakeholders, fostering a spirit of unity and cooperation within the community.”



The Ripple Effect of Corporate Volunteering

McLaren’s partnership with AWL showcases the power of corporate volunteering. This initiative not only improved the physical environment of St. Mary’s Church but also fostered a sense of community spirit and collaboration. Employees gained valuable teamwork experience while giving back to their local area.

Looking Forward: A Model for Collaboration

The success of the McLaren and AWL project serves as a model for other businesses looking to integrate CSR into their operations. By partnering with local charities and focusing on community needs, companies can create impactful and sustainable CSR initiatives that benefit both employees and society as a whole

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