Our lottery funded Reduce and Recycle Circular Economy Hub, runs monthly community events at Acton Market and has run pop up Reduce and Recycle hubs accross Acton and Ealing.  We are excited to confirm that our Reduce & Recycle Hub did indeed snag the Community Investment Award at the prestigious West London Business Awards on Friday 16th February 2024.

We initally had been shorted listed for the Community Investment Award for  the work of our Reduce and Recycle Circular Economy Hub.  The award itself was to be given to an orgnaisation who provided  local community involvement through skills based volunteering, support for charities, or other community initiatives and for  programmes that provided win-win benefits to the community

For  us at Action West London this isn’t just a trophy; it’s a powerful validation of our commitment to environmental and social impact within the community.

Firstly, the award shines a light on the Hub’s tangible achievements. It diverts tons of waste from landfills, promotes sustainable practices, and empowers residents to make eco-conscious choices. Recognition translates to wider awareness, potentially attracting more users and amplifying the positive environmental ripple effect.

Secondly, the award resonates deeply with Action West London’s core values. It acknowledges their dedication to empowering disadvantaged individuals and fostering inclusivity. The Hub provides volunteer opportunities and access to essential information to help people make savings by repairing and reusing thus directly impacting lives and strengthening the community fabric.

Thirdly, the award fuels our drive for further innovation. Public recognition strengthens our position when seeking partnerships and grants, enabling use to expand the Hub’s reach and impact. This translates to more resources, more jobs, and ultimately, a more sustainable and empowered West London.

Winning the Community Investment Award isn’t just about adding a gleaming trophy to the shelf. It’s a powerful endorsement of Action West London’s impactful work, motivating them to continue our journey towards a greener, more equitable future for the community they serve. As we  celebrate this prestigious win,  our eyes are firmly set on even greater impact in the years to come.

Congratulations to all the team!!!

Find out more about our reduce and recycle hub at :

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