Action West London where delighted to host a free community event at our Donut Factory offices on May 17th.  We co  hosted a Reduce and Recycle event with Ealing Repair Cafe and our Reduce and Recycle Hub Team from Acton Market.

At the event  Ealing Repair Cafe where on site helping people to mend and fix their much loved clothes.

Our guests took park in the community feedback activity where they explored their ideas about reducing and recycling.

There was bookswap where visitors could bring books to donate and take up to 3 away with them.

There was also had recycling points for clothes, small electrical items, laptops, toothbrushes and pens.   Traid provided a great donation box which now finds itself a permanent home at the Action West London offices.

If you missed this event the next Reduce and Recycle and Repair hub at the Donut Factory will be on 28th June – you can book here

If you are interested in using the Donut Factory for your community event get in in touch with Zahra our social media officer.