Mex’s Story

Mex’ is a single mum of 3 who arrived in the UK as a refugee from Syria (her name has been changed for the purpose of this story).

AWL has supported me more than I could have ever imagined. It was just what I needed in those difficult times…’

The Story

Before the war started in Syria, Mex hadn’t had it easy but she had build herself a good life. A mother to three kids, she worked hard for them to ensure they would have a bright future. She studied Pharmacy and worked for many years as a Pharmacist, she had just set up a Pharmacy business when the war struck.

“I worked hard my entire life in order to obtain my degree in pharmacy and to build up my future. After all the studying, I started to work full-time, but the war broke. I had to flee the country with my 3 children. We had to move from place to place to survive. My husband left so I had to take care of my sons. ”

Mex saw her entire city being destroyed by bombs, she lost her business, many of her relatives and friends were injured or killed in the attacks. The horrific scenes she had witnessed left invisible marks that she carries with her to the present times. Mex is a single mum who is raising her three children, teaching them Arabic, making sure they go to school, follow their passions and live a better life than back home. She defines herself by one rule only: “to be a good person!” She is the person every one of her friends calls when they need help. She is the best mother for her boys and a role model to them.

Her dream is to study for the IELTS exam, to be able to study for a master’s degree in London. As part of the support on the WWL project, she received support from Action West London with her language skills and employment skills. She studied for the IELTS exam with our teachers, and received benefit support as well as general advice on housing and education.

“I had hoped to find a better life in the UK but it was not easy. I luckily found AWL who really understood my situation, they gave me invaluable emotional support and empathy, they also supported with my documents and helped me to deal with benefits issues.”

It’s never easy to start a new life. It is unfortunately more difficult to have to deal with various issues around personal health, housing, unemployment, raising children, all of this while trying to adapt to a new country, learn a new language and follow your dreams. Here at AWL, we aim to support people who find themselves in difficult situations, so they can find their way towards employment, education or enterprise!