Client Journey – Sammy

Sammy* is an asylum seeker in the UK, who has faced immense challenges during the waiting period for his Home Office decision. Without the right to work, unable to access English classes, and experiencing homelessness after receiving refugee status, Sammy found himself alone on the streets, struggling to survive.

We met Sammy at the job center, where he attended weekly meetings with his work coach and through the dedicated efforts of Action West London (AWL) project Advisor Ana, we were able to intervene to provide support and assistance to Sammy in his dire circumstances.  Working alongside the YMCA and with successful housing support,  we were able to help Sammy find refuge in a safe, warm environment to escape the harsh conditions of the streets.

AWL’s support extended further by assisting Sammy in registering for English classes at a local college in Hayes.   The team also advocated for him by presenting him for a job opportunity and offering continuous mental health support and advice.

Our intervention was not just about finding shelter but addressing the holistic needs of an individual on the path to recovery and independence.   Sammy’s story sheds light on the often-overlooked struggles of refugees who, without adequate support, face homelessness and lack a voice to express their difficulties.   The collaboration between AWL, the YMCA, and our advisors personalised support showcases a holistic and compassionate approach to addressing the needs of individuals like Sammy. AWL’s commitment to prioritising clients and providing comprehensive assistance is exemplified in stories like Sammy’s, emphasizing the crucial role of organisations and charities in supporting vulnerable populations.

Sammys life took a significant turn as he transitioned from homelessness to a secure living environment. His gratitude is evident in his own words,

“Before, I could not concentrate on studying or working, I was homeless and felt lost.   Ana has helped me when no one else did. I got a room to live in and I am very happy! I do not know how to thank you for your kindness! Thank you for helping me!”


*Name Changed