Client Journey – Hassan

Hassan* is a refugee from Iran, who had fled his country when his family were persecuted. His journey to the UK was difficult, very stressful, long and frightening. H is 28 years old, single, with no children.  He was really happy to granted refugee status in the UK, but he didn’t realise, he would be evicted from his asylum accommodation and end up being homeless.


He came to us as a referral from Acton Job Centre plus to get housing advice and support on a Monday. We booked an appointment to see him on Tuesday at 10am. At the time our his appointment with us he was classified as economically inactive due to his housing issues.

As Hassan had 4 days to move out from the Asylum Accommodation and don’t have place to go he was absolutely desperate for our help. Our advisor Maria was able to finds him accommodation via YMCA in Ealing, and also helped him to work on interview skills, application form writing and help him secured  job in construction.


This is what Hassan says about his experience with Action West London


“At first, I didn’t think AWL would be able to help me much, but I must admit I was wrong!  My adviser Maria was very helpful in different ways. She contacted YMCA in Ealing and managed to secure me a place to live immediately. She helped me to complete all the forms required, I went to get my keys on Wednesday and moved to YMCA on Thursday. After finding me a place to live, she helped me increase my self-confidence and motivation by showing me how to do job search effectively, we practiced mock interviews and filled out job application forms. She also, helped me to submit my application for a job, and she helped me believe in myself and secure full-time employment in Construction in 5 months. I would like to thank AWL for everything they have done for me in such a short time, and for the opportunity to start a new life. I owe it to you AWL”


*Name Changed