Bashir’s Story

Bashir is originally from Sudan, a country which experiences a prolonged political crisis, protests and social unrest.

The lack of food, essentials and the current political situation has forced many Sudanese to flee their homes and find refuge in other countries.

The Story

Bashir come to the UK as a refugee. Married with one child, a 9-month old baby girl, he knew the risks but he made the journey in the hope that he could give his family a safer future.

He came to Action West London as a referral from Ealing Job Centre Plus. At the time, Bashir had been unemployed for 6 months and had to apply for Universal Credit to be able to support his family. He was feeling disheartened, willing and able to work. He had been searching for jobs for 6 months, applying for roles every single day. Having had no luck, he was referred to Action West London’s Working West London Refugee project.

‘At first, I didn’t think AWL would be able to help me much, but I must admit I was wrong!’ says Bashir, with a very honest yet shy smile.

AWL advisors helped Bashir increase his self-confidence and motivation by showing him to do job search effectively, giving guidance through mock interviews and helping fill out job application forms.

‘My adviser Maria was very helpful in different ways. She helped me submit my application for a job I felt I could do, and she made me believe in myself!’

With guidance and support, Bashir was quickly able to secure a a full-time job as a warehouse assistant.

“I would like to thank Maria & Musharaf for all their hard work, help and support they offered me.”

The refugees we work with are ordinary people who have had to go through extreme difficulties and challenges to rebuild their lives in unfamiliar territory. Bashir’s story is just one of many. At AWL, we believe that the human resource is essential and so the ability of our advisers and staff members to support people who come to us is our greatest asset! We are so proud of our successes.

Authors: Maria Lima & Ana Andronic

Working West London Project