Family Works Project

Action West London is working closely with local authorities and local partners to identify families who could benefit from the provision. This will involve engaging with families from the local community and provide them support which will help them secure employment.

At the point of referral your advisors will engage with individuals to assess their goals, barriers and motivations toward work through our diagnostic process, this is a part of our specialist and bespoke support/provision, supporting social inclusion for the family unit and moving individuals into sustained employment. This process will be regularly reviewed to ensure all plans are aligned and customers can clearly see their progress on the program.

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Individuals must be either unemployed or inactive (16+ years old) and must fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Basic Skills need (below NVQ level 1 or equivalent)
  • Any member of a family needing support who are economically inactive / unemployed in Ealing,
  • Hammersmith and Fulham and on ESA/JSA
  • Have more than one barrier to employment.
  • Unemployed, excluding long-term unemployed
  • Long-term unemployed
  • Inactive, not in education or training
  • Barriers may include:
  • A lone parent
  • An older worker (50+),
  • An ex-offender
  • Caring responsibilities
  • Have physical disability or health condition
  • Mental Health or Learning Disability
  • Drug/Alcohol dependency
  • An ethnic minority
  • Have low or no qualification (below NVQ level 2 or equivalent
  • Language barrier (ESOL)