DWP – Long Term Unemployed for Twickenham, Kingston, and Wandsworth

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Who are we looking for ?

The Provision – Long Term Unemployment, 3 years or more for Twickenham, Wandsworth & Kingston.

Each individual receives 10 hours of personalised one-on-one support and mentoring over 10 weeks, with hour-long sessions.

6-step process:
1. Assess individual needs – Carry out assessments to identify skill levels and career aspirations
2. Create a customised Action Plan – Collaborate with individuals to uncover their hidden talents and career goals
3. Deliver Employability Training Programme –  Provide comprehensive training for interviews and job search
4. Apply skills practically – Utilise job seeker portal for finding and applying to relevant positions.
5. Explore the world of work –  Connect with local employers/mentors to gain insights into different industries and career paths
6. Gain work experience – Offer opportunities to work with professionals and develop new skills