October client feedback survey


In October there were no changes in the clients level of satisfaction with our services and their feedback continues to be very positive. 98.4% rate their experience at AWL as good or very good and 100% found their advisor supportive and helpful.


The 3 largest ethnic groups of clients who have responded are: Black African/Black African British, Arab, white British and White other .


Clients continue to report feeling welcomed at AWL (100%) and there’s a good level of satisfaction with the support they’ve received including agreeing the action plan which they have found informative, practical and helpful (99%).


98% felt that the advisor was able to help them with their problem and the percentage of clients happy to recommend us is 98%.


We had a lot of positive comments this month. Here’s a selection of some of them:


  • I just finished one more session with Maria and the session was useful. Maria helped me with my personal issues, we compose CV, registered with college courses and we applied for a few jobs.
  • My college registration went well, CV session, Housing and Council Tax Application went well and job search tips. I will be attending the session tomorrow.
  • I got everything right and I am at work now.
  • Everything [was good], a good teacher (Marcin) and advisers (Maria and Ana). They are nice people.
  • I like your company because you always help people.
  • Your service is fine and your adviser is always friendly and professional.
  • You helped me to improve English skill and I thank you for that
  • Your service is very good, my adviser Maria is nice, she helped me to find work.



Shorter Survey


We have also been using a  shorter survey with clients this year, the purpose of this shorter survey is to gauge satisfaction on a session by session basis and allows us to respond more flexibly and to rectify any issues flagged up by clients while they’re still on the project.


From these shorter surveys we found  that 99.7% of clients have had a positive experience at AWL and would recommend us to a friend. All (100%) have found their advisor supportive and helpful and in 95% of the cases the advisor has been able to help their clients with their problem.


Here too clients have left several positive comments…:


  • Thank you so much for your time and effort in supporting me. And I needed this and it motivated me to not lose hope. That’s what I needed from you I appreciate your kindness. I will do just what you told me I hope I will find a job one day Thank you dear Ana.


  • I enjoyed the workshop. It was very helpful and informative.



ESOL Learners


We also completed a ‘mid-course survey’ with our ESOL learners which allows us to see how they feel about the courses and gives them the chance to make suggestions for improvement.


All learners who completed the survey reported that they have enjoyed the course so far. They like coming to the class, like the atmosphere and the teacher, e.g.:


“On the whole I like to learn English because I need to improve my skills in English. I am very happy with my teacher. He is a great person. I love this class!”


The responses also show that learners feel that their English is improving and that they are becoming more confident and independent when dealing with appointments, making friends, etc.


The survey shows that they’re also becoming more adept at using the Internet and know where to find websites to practise English. However, not all learners practise English online yet.


Most of the learners have reported practising English every day and spending more time using it.


Our survey results for October have shown once again how we are meeting the needs of our clients.


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