Don’t let past Convictions stop you getting a Job – make a POSITIVE TURNAROUND

ACTION WEST LONDON has a new project helping  ex-offenders  find employment, apprenticeships, or training. The project is for any UNEMPLOYED  person aged 18+ years who may have committed an offence in the past -and who are not currently on licence or supervision.  The project covers all  West London Boroughs (and our partners cover the rest of London ).  AWL staff will provide advice, support, guidance, training and access to vacancies with employers .

Eligibility of Participants: Definition of ex-offender – “Unemployed, long-term unemployed and economically inactive adults aged 18+, living in London who have one or more previous criminal convictions or cautions and have completed all supervision and licence requirements and no longer have recourse to statutory offender services”)

If you know anyone who might benefit then please get in touch with us (in strict confidence of course). /

Tel: 07927 754087/ 07585 274233