Earlier this week Action West London staff members attended the 10th celebration of the ‘Get on Track’ Employment Programme run by the YMCA.


Get on Track is a six-week mentoring programme led by world-class athletes who aim to improve young people’s (aged 16 – 24) communication, teamwork, confidence and well-being, with the goal of leading them into employment, education or further training.

Get on Track is part of an ongoing partnership with the Dame-Kelly Holmes Trust, where they mentor the young people and guide them through a series of events designed to improve their skills such as the Dragons Den corporate day.

Action West London staff members Anne Parkinson and Louise Scully attend the YMCA every Wednesday to recruit and support young people so they have been involved with the programme for some time. During the event, Anne gave a speech explaining who AWL are, what we offer and how we have helped the Get on Track programme with referrals from some of our own projects.