This week we had #GivingTuesday, and although we didn’t run an official campaign this year, we would like to thank everyone that shared our posts and helped get our statement out there.

Our mission is simple; we want to change lives through employment, education and enterprise. Like many charities, we rely on the support and income from our funders and donors in order for us to be able to continue our mission. Securing funds is always important to us, and that’s why days like #GivingTuesday means a lot to us.

Every penny that we receive through donations really does impact the lives of disadvantaged individuals. In 11 months of 2017-2018 161 individuals successfully changed their lives and started their own business at our thriving Acton Market.

At least 236 people successfully secured employment. We help individuals into construction, administration, hospitality and more!

In the same 11 months that were under review, we helped 151 young people and adults make the transition into education.

Financial donations make the world of difference to the work that we do at Action West London, they help us continue to achieve these measurable results and each year we want to help more and more young people and adults, but we need your help! We appreciate that not everyone that wants to offer financial assistance can, but if you’d still really like to help why not help us by volunteering some of your time or perhaps you could fundraise for us. For more information, please email us at

Current Volunteer Situation

We are currently oversubscribed with volunteers and are not looking for more at this current time.
However, this can change in the future so please do check back at a later date.

Thank you for your interest in Action West London